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Lament L’amour

All these stories, are just a bunch of words and interpretations.

You name the stars, the scars, the bars you put up high to hide to reach to confine to define to find….

You and me in different cell but the same prison.

Freudian dreams, Jungian Myths, Lacanian Imagination and Kafkaesque absurdity…

Don’t you think reality is just another story?

With you I am rock and roll; that sleepless drunk poet looking for the devil, pretending to pay a debt with something he no longer have: his soul.

Without you, my mood is jazz and blues, ups and downs with sax and brass an ex with grass then sex and breast.

I never have anywhere to go, so I follow every ho who says land ho! I guess they always want to settle in an island but the wave give ride to the night and right, I have no right to stay for the devil hath take my soul and the full moon tide is my mood.

My jazz and blues mood. My jizz and bliss food.

No wonder you’re gone for good.

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Cerita Samsara

Ada bunyi jadi suara jadi kata jadi cerita
Ada gerak jadi lagak jadi gambar bercerita
Ada arang berjelaga untuk menulis cerita
Ada tiada jadi ada jadi apa yang cerita
Ada yang kun faya kun maka Tuhan bercerita
Ada engkau jadi aku maka kitalah cerita
Ada mayat jadi jimat maka jadilah cerita
Jadilah cerita dilupakan sia-sia

Si a
Sia sia
Si A Pa
Sia sia
Si Apa
Manusia sia-sia
Man usia sia-sia
M anus ia sia-sia
Sia mang mang mang
Si amang mang mang
Sia mang manu sia sia
Mang manusia sia sia
Mang manusia siamang
Man usia si amang
Usia si amang
Si A mang
A mang

Adalah  bilangan yang ng ng ng
Tot dan jadilah
tik dan tetesan
tuk dan ketukan
tok dan bangunan
tak dan pukulan
tek dan patahan
tit dan keluhan
tut dan kotoran
Per adab an


Apa ada cerita
Yang cukup nyata
Buat kau percaya?