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Cerita Samsara

Ada bunyi jadi suara jadi kata jadi cerita
Ada gerak jadi lagak jadi gambar bercerita
Ada arang berjelaga untuk menulis cerita
Ada tiada jadi ada jadi apa yang cerita
Ada yang kun faya kun maka Tuhan bercerita
Ada engkau jadi aku maka kitalah cerita
Ada mayat jadi jimat maka jadilah cerita
Jadilah cerita dilupakan sia-sia

Si a
Sia sia
Si A Pa
Sia sia
Si Apa
Manusia sia-sia
Man usia sia-sia
M anus ia sia-sia
Sia mang mang mang
Si amang mang mang
Sia mang manu sia sia
Mang manusia sia sia
Mang manusia siamang
Man usia si amang
Usia si amang
Si A mang
A mang

Adalah  bilangan yang ng ng ng
Tot dan jadilah
tik dan tetesan
tuk dan ketukan
tok dan bangunan
tak dan pukulan
tek dan patahan
tit dan keluhan
tut dan kotoran
Per adab an


Apa ada cerita
Yang cukup nyata
Buat kau percaya?

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In your sleep I found
the five rivers of the underworld

Your lips, as sweet as ródi paliá
the fruit of Persephone, as she sang
with the song of your heartbeat,
and with it came Charon and his boat,
to take me, from river Acheron to beyond

I caressed your hair, strings of spirits
woven by the weird sisters

Every time you got anxious
and took one of those strings
someone died, and lost
to the river Styx

That was how powerful you are, my vvitch, my Dionysian Nymph

As I watched you drifting in slumber
I closed my eyes and still I found you
on Phlegethon, the river of fire
where you took my hand,
and taught me to dance

And in that dance, I knew your name:

L, was for Lethe
the river of forgetfulness
where I drank to oblivion
to put all burden and sadness
and froze them in Cocytus,
the river of burning ice, where
treachery and lies were kept
in Tartarus, with other Titans

As you drifted, I drifted
five rivers, took me to Hades
the outcast, the most beautiful God
the beholder of the truth
and the master of the only
real thing ever existed:

He touched my face and and I smiled
because he, the estranged God,
was the sinister who matched you and me
in the wheel of destiny and fate

He created Love not by cupid’s arrow,
but built it carefully, with pain and sorrow,
broke everything we know
no fear of tomorrow
just the magic of now
and the happiness we sow