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The Five of Tens to One

The hunger the lost
The will to power over nothing
The running the hiding
The thirst to taste each and everything
The confusion the intrusion
The complication of a conspicuos mind
The pride the ego
The prejudice in interpreting faces
The body the sex
The desire on collecting playable objects

The moments the truths
The misdemenour of a forgotten subaltern
The break the broken
The time to rest upon forever
The silence the dream
The sleep surpassing state of death
The deprivation the population
The society rejects incorporation
The denial the defiance
The illusion of being a free anarchist

The God the angels
The promised heaven that never achieved
The cold the weather
The frozen point of burning guns
The laughter the mask
The wall exhibit emotions
The sickness the sea
The remedy of being a stranded stranger
The music the sirene
The leaves falls composing asphalt

The talk the poetry
The structure of tens of meaningless parable
The lovers the passion
The intercourse of incomprehension
The screen the keyboards
The random codes of exploitations
The island the man
The woman woven waves of wolves
The howling the city
The wind cries engine growls

The road the intersection
The part where chosing is not an option
The searching the roses
The pavement of rotting carcasses
The words the phrases
The pragmatism in losing semantics
The books the bibles
The open and closing of dangerous minds
The spaces the places
The end to start and the start to end

The evil the willing to never get even

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