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Prologue (Daevakuin)


I accidentally found this recording in my old hard disk. This is a demo track from my old band, Clitourism – Yeah I know the name was chessy, we were chessy and drunk too, that’s why it didn’t work out. But it was a lot of fun tho. haha.

This song was written by Pry. I played a little bit of melody and put the song effects and additional dialogues. I recorded it and mixed it around 2005 in a radio advertising studio called studio 19. I took some part of Mystic River Dialogue between Sean Penn and Tim Robins in the climax scene–hope they wont sue me for this, after all this is a tribute to the film. Copyright infringements? Well “There are certain instances where you may be able to use excerpts of copyrighted material without a licence – for example, if you use a small part of someone else’s work for the purposes of criticism or review, or if your use constitutes “fair use” under applicable law (particularly U.S. law) – however, discussion of these exceptions is beyond the scope of this guidance. ”

Pry was one hell of a songwriter. He was a good guitarist, vocalist and songwriter. He had a rockstar in him, but he was too young and stupid so he fucked it up. We all fucked up actually. Lost kids, you know. We barely remember being sober.

This was supposed to be a prologue for our EP–which, of course, never came out. It was one of the best days of our lives, making this project.

So enjoy.

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