Slow and On Time

Life is short. It could be a few days, weeks, months, years or eternity; life is Short but time is relative. We could even upload our consciousness and live in VR forever. Do we want to live forever? Well, with balanced hormones and a nice mood, I would. Fuck anybody who says that happiness need sadness and pleasure need pain. If I could somehow managed my brain and organs to be happy and pleasing, I’d choose it. Constant happiness won’t be boring because if you’re bored you won’t be happy. You might be crazy, but you won’t care anyway. It’s a total balance, it’s nirvana, moxa.

Anyway how long is Short? It could be a blink of an eye, or it could be gazzillion years like waiting for my jenius bank account to load. What makes time long is probably the boredom. And in order not to be bored we gotta get busy with our life. The busier the more exciting, time will be shorter. In a state that I am in, people called it manic. After that seems too short of time, I’ll be damned in depression. Or I’ll die of fatigue.

Whatever happens, human life span is long compared to mosquitoes or ants, but really short compared to the universe. If we found a way to be immortal, we wouldn’t have to procreate, said some expert. But if procreate is an experience, I am sure we still want to do that. Because the essence of being a sapiens, is about stories. And stories come from experience.

What if we evolved to be a being that does not need experience or story? What if we change to be a data driven, mathematical creature who lived based solely on algorithms. Will life be easier? As a biological machine that can create itself from itself, will we be truly… Happy?

There’s so many questions on the possibility of the future of our species: it’s near and our species are closing in with climate change and ignorance. Yet, we are too busy with our petty little life, to make our culture and create story, or just simply to survive daily, that we often forget how short our life is. We just can’t slow down.

So today I decided, in the middle of a deadline, to be slower. I’m doing it, but I’ll be chill. You just can’t make me go faster than this, and I’ll still be faster than most people, I tell you this. But I’ll enjoy the dawn and the sunrise. I’ll enjoy the company of my friends, the cigarette, the sex, the attraction, attention, and all that comes with it.

My pace will be slow but controlled, and my job will be done on time, and I will be proud of it, cause it’s gonna be my best. Every. Single. Time. I will be satisfied, but I won’t stop doing better than my best. Not because I need to get faster, but because I need to be slower and enjoy every process. On time.

So here’s my newest selfie that I’m proud of because it was made during a slow time at the office where my friends and I are doing our best to do one of our best project. I suggest you should be slow and on time too, it’s fun, less stressful, and life feels a little bit longer in a good, meditative way.

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