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On Age and Learning

Pramoedya Ananta Toer, a famous Indonesian author once said that same people are like trees; they are hardened once they get older and prone to be broken by the wind or the storm. So can you Imagine getting old in these time of technological advancement, when everything is changing so fast and rapid. New apps and softwares are being produced everyday to help human life to be more effective and efficient.

I’m 36 years old and I have passed the eras where we were still using type writers, word star, and today we are using computers and Smart Keyboard with auto correct that get smarter day by day.

I still remember learning to edit video from cassettes tape on VHS or Betamax. How hard it was to transfer a file from those tapes to editing computers. And today we have apps to edit video just from our phone, with broadcasting quality.

With these facts, it’s easy to be irrelevant. And being irrelevant is scary, the scariest thing in human life span. But I know some people who are old but updated. I learn a lot from talking to them, and most of them have the sama characteristic.

First, they are avid readers. They read a lot of stuff, books, films, in an old fashion way. These readings has made their brain to develop gracefully to old age, because their imagination is active. Brain, like any other parts of our body, needs exercise.

Second, they refuse to be idle. It might be because post power syndrome or simply habit, these smart old people are so use to work, to the point that they would be sick if they’re not working. Working ethos is a must to get into the trend.

Third and last, they like to listen to young people, not just talking about their experience. They see young people as mentors to live in the new age. Digital native is like an exotic tribe to them, and they want to learn a lot from the young. There is no ego in learning new things.

In a nutshell, I aim to get these three quality. I want to be able to always learning. The older I am, the more things I have to learn. I hope that I can keep being humble, because with age, comes achievements and responsibility. And with those two, life becomes slippery. I just have to walk slowly.

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2 pemikiran pada “On Age and Learning

  1. Was blogwalking around and came across this blog. I, too, always hope to be the kind of person who wouldn’t stop learning when I get old. I can’t imagine myself being idle while the rest of the world keeps growing exponentially around me. Very well-written & salam kenal!

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