Living is Easy with Eyes Closed…


I want everybody to see what I can’t see.

The faith and the belief that everybody have feelings. Including you people.

You people are seen as you want them to see you: cheap, marginalized, exploited, evil, poor.

But I refuse to believe thay because you people survived. As people. Not as animal.

You have love and loved. You have happiness and sadness, in between them you have good and evil. In between good and evil you have calculation and logical reasons of your own.

No matter how error and full of fallacy from common logic, no matter how illogical, it is your own reason.

And if one care to see the bigger context one will understand them. One will know thay if one put themselves in your shoes, one will be you and nothing else. Everybody’s not free. Everybody bound to existence.

I can’t see that right know. My eyes are common eyes like yours or theirs. But I believe its there: the story of being human. I want to see that. And share that. We will meet again. And we will prove to them, that they are us.

Like you are me.