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The Death of The Author and The Haunting


Okay. I have to admit its hard to release a writing and having disconnected to it. My first experiment went well, the audience are overloading it. But, it’s like having a baby blues syndrome. That piece that used to be inside my head, suddenly brought out and judge by people with various interpretations and comments. Some are adoring and some abusing.

The most tormenting thing is that most of my writings are online. In my previous blog I disabled the comments section. I hate the fact that I can’t stop haunting my own writing. And I am afraid that one day, I’d be a very possesive father. I’d hate myself for that.

Well, I guess everything should be learned. I learned enough to read and write alone, to expose my individual works in a limited scale. It’s time to be a little bit bigger I guess.
But before that, some more procrastinating would be real nice. To write, and be a wiser ghost…

Yes, I defy you Barthes! It’s haunting time!