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The Death of The Author and The Haunting


Okay. I have to admit its hard to release a writing and having disconnected to it. My first experiment went well, the audience are overloading it. But, it’s like having a baby blues syndrome. That piece that used to be inside my head, suddenly brought out and judge by people with various interpretations and comments. Some are adoring and some abusing.

The most tormenting thing is that most of my writings are online. In my previous blog I disabled the comments section. I hate the fact that I can’t stop haunting my own writing. And I am afraid that one day, I’d be a very possesive father. I’d hate myself for that.

Well, I guess everything should be learned. I learned enough to read and write alone, to expose my individual works in a limited scale. It’s time to be a little bit bigger I guess.
But before that, some more procrastinating would be real nice. To write, and be a wiser ghost…

Yes, I defy you Barthes! It’s haunting time!

2 pemikiran pada “The Death of The Author and The Haunting

  1. Ckck, Nosa curhat. :p Ayo, Nos, saingin orang ini, Nos: http://www.asimovonline.com/asimov_home_page.html

    Gue tertarik sama apa yang ketulis di FAQ. http://www.asimovonline.com/asimov_FAQ.html. Gue quote, yak.

    Q: Did you know that Asimov is the only author to have published books in all ten categories of the Dewey Decimal System?

    A: No, because that claim is not true, despite the fact that it is repeated in numerous lists of “amazing but true facts” that circulate on the Internet, and even shows up in the third edition of The New York Public Library Desk Reference. Asimov himself mentioned this a couple of times, but always by prefacing it with the clause “I have been told by a librarian that…”. The reason that the claim is not true is because not one of Asimov’s books was classified in the 100s category of Philosophy. Here are the ten major categories of the Dewey Decimal System:

    000 – Generalities
    100 – Philosophy
    200 – Religion
    300 – Social Sciences
    400 – Languages
    500 – Pure Sciences
    600 – Applied Sciences & Technology
    700 – Arts
    800 – Literature
    900 – History & Geography

    Although a great number of his books were classified in the 500s and the 600s, there are three other categories that were sparsely represented (for Asimov, that is):

    200s – 7 titles
    400s – 2 titles [Words From History and Words From the Myths]
    700s – 3 titles [Visions of the Universe, Asimov’s Annotated Gilbert & Sullivan, and Isaac Asimov Presents Superquiz]

    A more accurate statement is that Isaac Asimov is the only author who has so many well written books in so many different categories of library classification.

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