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It’s been a long time since I uploaded a song. I wrote a lot of songs and recorded them with my phone. Most of them are crappy and this one is not less crappy but the hell, this is a mark of my diminishing skill. But I believe if my guitarist Yuda Wahyudin sing this song, this could be a lot better. Somehow I heard this song somewhere, probably the Corrs or Sondre Lerche or something. Haha.

I feel your lips on mine
I smell your pheromone
recalling all the pieces
recreate all the places
we took apart

I place my head to bed
and all my life’s a bet
you put on all your make up
and all your life a dressed up
we drift apart

And when the sun was setting
all was shutting we will shouting free
And in a time there’s nothing
left to holding, world is folding

night and day will have their way
but you have I in

One night a lifetime
With you
It’s all that I need
You, someone to
Be true
Just for a blink of an eye
Ephemerally, magically
We live and we die
And it’s over and done
And we’re back on the run