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Dysphoria #1: Self-made Hell

This is a work fiction. All resemblance with the reality is on purpose. Explicit content.

It is obvious that my loneliness is the main cause of all these fuss, unfaithfulness, the distorted feeling of entitlement. It is my most deceptive defensive mechanism–that the truth, in itself, is self destructing. I am alienating people in order to alienate myself from the hell that they construct.

Creating my own hell, is better than living somebody else’s heaven.

Thus, I hurt myself again, just to find a way to make me forget that I am lonely. I hurt myself with bulimia, with days of sleep, with obsessive scratching, cutting, and obsessive exercise when the manic came, sleepless nights, and after that I still want to punch any guy, or fuck any girl that I think deserve my fist or my dick. I am all open to fight or fuck because I’m sick of flight.

And I’d desperately love anybody who wants to love me. And I’d burn myself, sacrifice myself, ready to be crucify like Jesus H. Christ, and I’d beg people not to leave me until they’d got annoyed and see me as a freak and they need to leave me to stay sane because I’d drive them crazy, so I’d drive my car. I’d drive and drink myself hope to die on the road, hopefully with other assholes that swarming the highways of this city.

And all of it would be my fault. Nobody can blame or even care about my disorder, my upbringing, the system that I am in. I and only I, will be held responsible for all this mess that’s happening with my life and other people that I dragged.

The fucking shrink might say that this thought is cognitive distortion, self entitlement, but fuck you, the court, the people’s court cannot hold my disorder, my upbringing responsible for my actions. They cannot put those abstract nouns in jail, they could not rehabilitate my illness. It is I and only I, will be held responsible for my actions.

And what else should I do but to embrace what the universe has given me? I have eliminate the choice to take my own life because of the meds or because I’m a fucking coward. Anyway, I have no choice but struggle against a sea of trouble and by opposing hope to end them. Even though I know, that I will lose and drown and will face inevitable slow death. But at least I did fight back and refuse to flight.

At least I did good, at being brave. To open my eyes every day, and trying hard to get out of bed and go out to the world. To fight or to fuck. And if I have to lose love again, I think it’s just because I don’t deserve love. I am condemn to beg. For mercy, for love, for attention, only to toss it all out, when I feel lonely.

Because of this distorted feelings and thought, that I’d rather be alone, than be lonely. And the only way to be out of the misery of loneliness, is to break all ties and be perfectly alone to face the misery of the ubermench, the homo deus. Until there is no happines or misery any more, until there is no value in the narrative of my life.

It is when I became forgetful, mad, or die.

Sickness unto death.

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Phronemophobia Indonesia



Phronemophobia adalah ketakutan untuk berpikir. Tulisan ini akan memaparkan pengamatan saya tentang hal-hal yang seringkali takut dipikirkan orang Indonesia di sekitar saya–yaitu kaum kelas menengah kota dan para pengambil kebijakan. Saya punya hipotesa mentah (artinya butuh penelitian lebih lanjut), bahwa akar kebijakan yang stereoptipikal dan kekerasan baik verbal ataupun fisik dalam dunia sosial masyarakat Indonesia adalah karena banyak orang yang terjangkit Phronemophobia. Penyakit ini hadir karena kombinasi dua hal yang paling krusial dalam masyarakat Indonesia: Agama dan Kapitalisme. Phobia seperti psikosis lain, adalah penyakit karena ia menghalangi orang untuk bekerja dan menggunakan otaknya dengan baik dalam kehidupan sehari-hari. Dan seperti banyak psikosis juga, ini sulit disembuhkan kecuali dengan kontrol dari si penyakitan itu sendiri terhadap egonya. Bisa jadi, penyakit ini ia bawa sampai mati.

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